Event of the Month

02 March

Rimjhim Kavitayein (Nur)

03 March

Rimjhim Kavitayein (KG)

07 March

Maha Shivratri (Holiday)

11 March

Graduation Day (KG)

12 March

PTM (Nur-KG)

18 March

PTM (I-III) Timings:08:30am-11:30am

19 March

PTM (IV-XI) Timings:08:30am-11:30am

23 March

Holi (Holiday)

01 April


02 April


09 April


11 April

Inter House Chess Competition (IV - XII)

14 April

Ambedkar Jayanti

15 April

Ram Navmi

18 April

Colorama (Inter Class Competition I-III)

20 April

Mahavir Jayanti

22 April

Earth Day (SA)

22 April

Mask Making Comp(Intra Class IV-V)

30 April

PTM (Nur - KG)

07 May

Annual Day

09 May

Fun with Colours (Nur-KG)

11 May

Summer Break Begins (Nur-KG)

14 May


16 May

Summer Break Begins (I - XII)

21 May

Buddha Purnima

27 June

School Reopens (IV - XII)

01 July

School Reopens (Nur - III)

12 July

Show 'N' Tell (Intra Class Comp - I)

14 July

Show 'N' Tell (Intra Class Comp - II)

16 July


18 July

Electrify Western Music Comp (Inter House VI-XI)

19 July

Show 'N' Tell (Intra Class Comp -III)

21 July

Little Wordsmiths (Nursery)

22 July

Little Wordsmiths (KG)

25 July

Bards Conclave (V-XI)

26 July

Bards Conclave (V-XI)

27 July

Bards Conclave (V-XI)

28 July

Word Art(Intra Class Comp IV-V)

29 July

Investiture Ceremony (Primary Wing)

30 July

PTM (Nur - KG)

03 August

Budding Poet (Nursery)

04 August

Budding Poet (KG)

05 August

Investiture Ceremony (Senior Wing)

12 August

Independence Day Celebration (SA)

15 August

Independence Day

18 August

Raksha Bandhan

23 August

Solo Singing (Inter House Comp VI-XI)

24 August

Weave-A-Story (Inter House Comp IV-V)

25 August


29 August

National Sports Day (SA)

05 September

Teacher's Day (SA)

12 September


17 September


24 September

PTM (Nur - KG)

29 September

Tell-A-Tale (Nursery)

30 September

Tell-A-Tale (KG)

30 September

Visit to old age home

01 October

World's Elder Day

02 October

Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti

03 October

Cricket (Inter House Tournament-IV-XII)

04 October

Cricket (Inter House Tournament-IV-XII)

07 October

Role Play (Inter House Comp VIII-XI)

11 October

Dusshera / International Girl Child Day

12 October

Muharram (HOLIDAY)

15 October


16 October

Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti

17 October

Fancy Dress Comp (Nursery)

18 October

Phulwari (Hindi Rhyme) Intra Class Comp I-III

19 October

Karva Chauth (HOLIDAY)

20 October

Fancy Dress Comp (KG)

21 October

Eureka - Science Quiz (Inter Class Comp IV-V)

24 October

United Nations Day (SA)

24 October

Wall Magazine (Inter House Comp IV-V)

27 October

Diwali Celebration (SA)

28 October

Diwali Break (28th to 31st Oct)

30 October


31 October

Govardhan Puja

01 November

Bhai Duj (HOLIDAY)

06 November

Chhat Puja

07 November

CONCOURS (Inter School Sports Odyssey)

14 November

Guru Nanak's Birthday (HOLIDAY)

16 November

Math-O-Mania(Inter Class Comp IV - V)

18 November

Choral Singing (Inter Class Comp I-III)

21 November

AD-MADS(Inter House Comp VIII-XI)

23 November

Jhankaar (Inter House Comp IV-V)

24 November

Guru Tegh Bahadur's Martyrdom Day (Holiday)

28 November

Tapping Feet (Nursery)

30 November

Tapping Feet (KG)

02 December

Inclusion at its best

04 December

World Disability Day

05 December

Poster Making (Inter House Comp VI-VIII)

08 December

Yoga (Inter House Comp IV-VIII)

09 December

Joy to the World-The Musical (Inter Class Comp I- III)

12 December

Milad-un-Nabi/Id-e-Milad (HOLIDAY)

16 December

Joy to the World-Carol Singing(Inter House Comp Iv-XI)

20 December

Joy to the World- Sing Halleluiah (Nur- KG)

21 December

Joy to the World (Share-N-Care drive) (21st and 22nd Dec)

23 December

Christmas Celebrations (SA)

24 December

Christmas Break (24th to 26th Dec) Nur- XII

26 December

Winter Break Begins (Nur - III)

31 December

Winter Break Begins (IV- XII)

05 January

Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti (HOLIDAY)

16 January

School Reopens (Nur - XII)

17 January

Basketball (Inter House Tournament IV-XI)

18 January

Basketball (Inter House Tournament IV-XI)

20 January

Novelle Cuisine (Inter House Competition (IV-V)

23 January

Web Design Comp (Inter House Comp VIII - XI)

25 January

Track-N-Field Event (Nur-III)

25 January

Republic Day (SA)

26 January

Republic Day

30 January

Novelle Cuisine (Inter House Competition (VI-VIII)

01 February

Basant Panchmi (HOLIDAY)

02 February

Calligraphics (Intra Class Comp I-V)

03 February

Candle Light Ceremony

04 February


09 February

Wordsworth-English Debate (Inter House Comp IV-V)

16 February

Best out of Waste (Nur-KG)

24 February

Maha Shivratri (HOLIDAY)

13 March


15 March

Graduation Day (KG)

18 March

PTM (Nur - III)

25 March


01 May

Labour Day

02 May

Nukkad Natak - Inter House (VIII - IX)

05 May

Colour me Bright (I-III)

06 May


09 May

Fun with Origami (IV - VII)

10 May

Buddha Purnima

11 May

TT Tournament Inter House (IV - IX)

12 May

TT Tournament Inter House (IV - IX)

13 May


28 April

Fun with Colours (KG)

29 April

PTM (Nursery - KG)

03 July

School Reopens (NUR - XII)

13 July

Food Safari Inter House (VIII - XI)

19 July

Rhyme Along (I- III)

24 July

Brain Drill Competition (KG)

24 July

Fun with Colours (Nursery)

25 July

Badminton Tournament Inter House (IV-XI)

26 July

Badminton Tournament Inter House (IV-XI)

27 July

Badminton Tournament Inter House (IV-XI)

28 July

Badminton Tournament Inter House (IV-XI)

29 July

PTM (Nursery - KG) & (I - III)

31 July

Vaad - Vivaad Partiyogita Inter House (IV - V)

01 August

Science Week (IV- XII)

02 August

Science Week (IV- XII)

03 August

Science Week (IV- XII)

04 August

Science Week (IV- XII)

05 August


07 August

Holiday - Raksha Bandhan

15 August

Holiday - Independence Day

26 June

Holiday - Id-Ul-Fitr